The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Sep 23, 2018 — No. 104

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Sep 23, 2018 — No. 104

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The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter for Sep 23

Apple wasn’t the only company to launch an updated version of their smartwatch in recent days. Surfing industry giant Rip Curl introduced their new SearchGPS 2, a smartwatch that’s primarily designed for surfers. While Apple went bigger with the Watch Series 4, Rip Curl went in the opposite direction. Granted, the original SearchGPS was a behemoth to begin with, as when it launched 4 years ago it came equipped with GPS. The SearchGPS 2 can track every tide, swell, wind and wave, and is loaded with new features like live wind and swell data from Surfline, an app I use frequently. Shane Helm, Rip Curl’s Watches Product Chairman, states that: “When the first SearchGPS hit stores it was a hugely successful product for us. But customers immediately started giving us feedback, and it became clear that there were four key areas for improvement. When a surfer purchases the SearchGPS 2, they are not only buying the highest quality surf watch on the market, but they are joining the world’s largest surfing club. We currently have 44,178 users and it’s growing exponentially. We’ve had nearly 1.4 million surfs, 15 million waves have been ridden using the GPS watch, we have paddled to the moon and back 12.43 times, paddled around the planet 150 times, and surfed around the planet 36 times.”

Amazon held a product launch event and it seems that they are sticking Alexa — their AI assistant — into everything, including a $60 microwave. According to The Verge’s Dieter Bohn: “The way the Alexa integration works is pretty clever: when you set it up, it will get paired to your Alexa system as “the microwave,” and then you can command Alexa to, you know, cook stuff. There are very few buttons on the microwave because all the presets for various food types have been stored in Amazon’s cloud instead.” Video below


virtual border wall in Texas will use lidar sensor technology (the same technology used in driverless cars) to spot illegal intruders from Mexico. The system captures a 3D image of anyone walking in the area.

Artificial intelligence in the workplace is being applied to the hiring process. Nearly all Fortune 500 companies are using AI in one form or another, including avatar interviewers and screening potential employees by scanning resumes.

Police in Long Beach, CA have reportedly been using Tiger Text — an app designed to erase text messages after a set period of time — to avoid disclosing potentially incriminating evidence.

Apple has created an iTunes device trust score that’s based upon your calls and emails. The company states that the purpose is to “help identify and prevent fraud”.


Oxford VR has raised £3m to treat patients with mental health problems. The startup — whose first product was an automated VR treatment for patients with a fear of heights — was spun out from the University of Oxford.


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