The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 10, 2018 — No. 107 (and 105 & 106)

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter — Oct 10, 2018 — No. 107

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CNS Summit – Nov 1-4, 2018 in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

Digital Health World Congress 2018 Winter Edition, Nov 28-29 in London, UK

Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase, Jan 8-9, 2019 in San Francisco, CA

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The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter for Oct 10

Writing in China’s tech publication Abacus News, Xinmei Shen indicates that Weibo users (Weibo is a Twitter-like microblogging service used by hundreds of millions of users in China) have been discussing and sharing pics and video of Xiaomi’s Mi Band fitness band registering a heartbeat for toilet paper rolls. And it’s not just the Mi Band, but the Apple Watch and Ticwatch are producing similar results when wrapped around a roll of toilet paper. The likely culprit is the green light used to detect your heart rate via photoplethysmography (PPG). Since blood is red, it reflects red light and absorbs green light. Apparently, it’s normal for non-human objects to also reflect light signals and, when the device is used on them, it can confuse the heart rate sensor and algorithms.

Critics are warning that genetically engineered crop-protecting insects being developed by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) could be turned into bioweapons and could also be a violation of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).

Antonio Regalado featured a massive DNA data storage machine concept in his MIT Tech Review article ” The DNA data storage machine that’s the size of a school bus”. Boston-based startup Catalog Technologies is working with the UK’s Cambridge Consultants on plans for the prototype storage device.


I came across the following video via atweet by Antonio Regalado: “George Church asking Alexa about his genome. I am advising integrating this genetic advice app into a mirror instead of a table top device”
Veritas Genetics – Published on Apr 12, 2017: “Our Scientific Advisory Board Chairman, George Church, and our Chief Marketing and Design Officer, Rodrigo Martinez, demonstrate how insights from genetics can be integrated into our daily lives with Amazon’s Alexa.”


Undercover cops are breaking Facebook’s rules on fake accounts to “track” protesters and ensnare criminals.‬ Critics like Rachel Levinson-Waldman, senior counsel at New York University School of Law’s Brennan Center for Justice, point out that this behavior could make people reluctant to engage in online activities that are protected by the First Amendment, including sharing their opinions and organizing protests.

A story in the New Yorker entitled ” The Unlikely Politics of a Digital Contraceptive” doesn’t seem to cover politics at all and is more of a criticism of digital health when used as an alternative to pharmaceutical birth control and methods for women trying to get pregnant.

Amazon has discontinued its use of an  AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women. The algorithm taught itself that male candidates were preferable by penalizing resumes that included the word “women’s” as in “women’s chess club captain.” It also ranked graduates from two all-women’s colleges lower than candidates from other schools.

People are using Apple’s Shortcuts app for iPhone to automatically record police interactions & send texts and video to a predetermined contact in the event, for example, that they’ve been pulled over. See: ‘ Siri, I’m getting pulled over


A new report in The Lancet discusses how digital health can help support early infant diagnosis of HIV.

Vital Labs has emerged from stealth with its Vitality iPhone app, which measures changes in your blood pressure using the phone’s camera and software.


Elemental Machines has both partnered with PerkinElmer and landed $9M in venture capital investment.

Carepoynt—a consumer-centric program built around a multi-channel, cloud-based Rewardsware for Healthcare platform—hassecured $5M.


The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter for Oct 3

Hi Everyone,
I’m still traveling—the waves are great!—so this is the second issue of my newsletter created using the Constant Contact email marketing mobile app. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
– Paul Sonnier

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A Digital Health Unicorn In Guilford: Butterfly Network Raises $250M Around Ultrasound Innovation

Verizon has launched a smartwatch for parents to monitor the whereabouts and activity of their children. The device is also intended to keep kids safe while helping them stay fit and entertained.

LG and Huawei prepare smartwatch counter strike against Apple and Samsung

Three US universities now let students use iPhone and Apple Watch as their campus ID card

The FDA surprised e-cigarette manufacturer Juul at its San Francisco headquarters and seized “thousands of pages of documents” related to the company’s marketing practices.

Oxford University spin-off Oxehealth secures British Standards Institute (BSI) / European medical device certification for software enabling a digital video camera to remotely detect pulse and breathing rate. Holds the potential to transform care for elderly and vulnerable people.

The DNA data storage machine that’s the size of a school bus. A startup’s concept drawing of a hulking device to archive data in DNA molecules shows the idea has a way to go.

The Fourth Wave: Digital Health Newsletter for Sep 30

Hi everyone!
I’m traveling on a surfing trip this week and thought I’d try out the Constant Contact mobile app to create this issue of my newsletter. I’m also using my iPhone X, not a laptop or tablet. Let’s see how it goes.
– Paul

In a timely Digital Health pivot by Weight Watchers, the company has changed its name to WW and shifted its focus to wellness. The rebranding includes a refreshed mobile app and a partnership with Headspace, maker of popular meditation apps

In new research, implanted electrical stimulation devices have helped people with spinal cord injuries walk again with some added assistance.


PATH has partnered with WHO on a dedicated digital health strategy

No Cash Needed At This Cafe. Students Pay The Bill With Their Personal Data.

You Gave Facebook Your Number For Security. They Used It For Ads.

Maven Clinic, a digital health platform, has raised $27M and launched a new breast milk delivery service

Digital Health Access has launched its app, which connects users with health professionals, in Ghana and Uganda. The service is aimed at providing quicker and less costly consultations.

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