The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier ⋅ Jan 8, 2017 ⋅ #255

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The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier ⋅ Jan 8, 2017 ⋅ #255

Dear Group,

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas this week. Many solutions cropped up there and on the periphery (taking advantage of the uptick in consumer technology news) and a few caught my eye. Some were a bit ridiculous, like a $50 pair of ‘radiation shielding’ underwear, but others were intriguing. There was of course a lot of wearable tech news, which is not surprising given that it topped the list of 20 worldwide fitness trends for 2017, as reported in an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) survey of more than 24,000 health and fitness professionals.

BACtrack has modified its real-time blood alcohol monitoring technology to fit into a strap for the Apple Watch, called ‘Skyn’. Mio has introduced ‘Slice’, which ditches the traditional ‘10,000 steps’ goal of many similar products, and instead focuses on your resting heart rate as a metric for healthy behavior change. Their ‘Personal Activity Intelligence’ score is based on a long-term health study that showed a correlation between high resting heart rate and increased cardiovascular disease risk. And in partnership with Qualcomm and United Healthcare, Fitbit announced a new program that includes monetary incentives to motivate physical activity. Users can earn up to $4 a day in credits toward a health savings account based on their activity levels. There’s an AI and wearable tech solution to improve your boxing skills and a hands-free breast pump (sold separately by a different company of course). While not a wearable, L’Oreal launched a smart hairbrush and CloudTot’s smart co-sleeper can prod a baby if it is motionless for 12 seconds and alert parents if there is still no motion.

For two humorous takes on the CES experience and the products on display, the WSJ’s Joanna Stern did a short and hilarious video and the parody twitter account @Internetofshit has an incredibly funny slideshow on Twitter moments.

In budding research news, tiny solar cells placed under the skin could power pacemakers and other implants. And a medical smart jacket could diagnose pneumonia up to four times faster than a doctor. The NY Times has an article on Kitty Dukakis, wife of former U.S. presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, and a beneficiary of electroshock therapy.

In separate news, chatbots are being deployed by the NHS as a non-emergency helpline, and to provide mental health counseling to Syrian refugees.

In Internet of Things (IoT) news, the U.S. FTC has announced a $25,000 challenge to combat security vulnerabilities in smart home devices. IoT security is an important concern and a slew of new devices popped up at CES, including everything from app-enabled toasters, smart pillows, to developer SDKs for sex toys. Here’s a funny infographic on the potential for ransomware of your Internet-connected home devices.

And the FDA is seeking Digital Health scientists to join their team. Physicians, nurses, and interdisciplinary engineers interested in applying can see two new job postings here and here. Hat tip to Brad Thompson at the Clinical Decision Support Coalition.

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