The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier ⋅ Dec 4, 2017 ⋅ #303

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The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier ⋅ Dec 4, 2017 ⋅ #303

Dear Group,

New featured event: Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase – Your Free Access to Thought Leaders & Partners in Digital Health. Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase is the dedicated home for the digital health and medtech communities during JP Morgan, healthcare’s biggest week of the year. Taking place in San Francisco, January 8–10, the Showcase includes two and a half days of networking opportunities, curated company presentations, specialized sessions, one-to-one meetings, and full access to Biotech Showcase. Meet with 3,500+ attendees, including 900 vetted investors representing over $334B in funding. FREE ADMISSION on Monday, January 8: Get access to the program, presentations and networking reception. Reserve your seat today!


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The Digital Health Newsletter for Dec 1

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The Digital Health Newsletter for Dec 1

Due in part to her refusal to practice what she calls “electronic medicine”, a doctor in New Hampshire has had her request to regain her medical license denied by a judge. Anna Konopka surrendered her license in October following allegations made to the New Hampshire Board of Medicine of “improper prescribing practices”. In explaining his decision, Superior Court Judge John Kissinger pointed to subsequent additional complaints to the board’s medical review subcommittee regarding record keeping, prescribing practices, and medical decision making.

I was interviewed about my book, ‘The Fourth Wave: Digital Health‘, by Adam Lepp, whose ‘The Computer Guy Radio Show’ airs on WWGH 107.1 FM radio in Marion, Ohio. The podcast recording is available here.

The FDA has cleared the first medical device accessory for use with the Apple Watch. The KardiaBand from AliveCor is an Apple Watch band with embedded sensors that monitor a user’s heart rate, detects issues, and prompts the user to take an electrocardiogram (EKG). The information can then be used to help doctors manage the patient’s atrial fibrillation, a type of heart arrhythmia that causes stroke and affects more than 30 million people worldwide.


United States Senator Bernie Sanders recently held a round table discussion on politics and digital media. Participants included journalists from NowThis, The Young Turks, AJ+ and ATTN:. I focus on this topic in my book, as well, in the apps and social media section.

After President Donald Trump retweeted anti-Muslim tweetsTwitter retracted its reason for why it didn’t remove the tweets. According to CEO Jack Dorsey, “We mistakenly pointed to the wrong reason we didn’t take action on the videos from earlier this week”.

Internet service provider Comcast deleted part of its net neutrality pledge on the same day the FCC announced its initial plan to repeal Internet neutrality rules. The pledge, which had existed for three years, was “no paid prioritization”. Comcast also changed parts of its net neutrality statement from a promise that it “won’t” block or throttle lawful Internet content in the future, to the present tense “We do not block, slow down or discriminate against lawful content.”

A WIRED op-ed by Andrew Selbst and Julia Ticona, who are postdoctoral scholars at the Data & Society Research Institute, states that the “Supreme Court Must Understand That Cell Phones Aren’t optional”. With the Court hearing arguments in Carpenter v. United States, a major Fourth Amendment case questioning “whether the police can access your phone’s location data without a warrant”, the authors argue that “cell phone users have no choice in revealing their location. Therefore, the only action that could be “voluntary” is owning or using a cell phone. The problem is that cell phones are no longer meaningfully voluntary in modern society. They have become central to society’s basic functions, such as employment, public safety, and government services.”


Facebook has deployed a new “proactive detection” AI system on its social media platform that scans user’s posts for patterns of suicidal thoughts. If necessary, Facebook will then send information on mental health resources to the user who appears to be at risk or Facebook will alert their friends of potential issues.


Forbes contributors Walker Ray, MD and Tim Norbeck from the Physicians Foundation wrote a piece entitled, “Debunking Myths: Physicians’ Incomes Are Too High and They Are the Cause of Rising Health Care Costs“. The piece is a response to economist Dean Baker’s op-ed in Politico: “The problem of doctors’ salaries An economist argues that American doctors get paid too much—and offers some bold ideas on what to do about it.” In response to the Forbes piece, Baker tweeted the following: “I see more doctors on the warpath… They obviously missed what I said, since I was suggesting opening up field to competition. No one’s pay falls unless others willing to work for less. Guess they expect government to protect high pay”


Digital Medicine and Medtech Showcase 2018
Jan 8-10 in San Francisco, CA (alongside JP Morgan)
At the intersection of technology and medicine: Digital Medicine & Medtech Showcase

XPOMET Convention 2018
The Convention for Innovation and High-Tech in Medicine
March 21-23 in Leipzig, Germany

Digital Health World Congress 2018
May 8-9 in London, UK
The leading technology digital healthcare conference in London, UK and Europe.


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