Keynote Speaking

I love speaking to audiences of all types and am available to deliver my keynote address at global conferences and corporate events. My presentation — based upon my book, The Fourth Wave: Digital Health — provides a unique lens through which audiences will better see, understand, and succeed in this new, fourth era of technology-driven human progress. My talk is accessible to stakeholders from all backgrounds and amplified by a bit of humor and a lot of powerful visuals, audio, and animation. Please note that, while I appreciate the many request I receive to speak for free — or for travel and lodging only — I’m unfortunately not in a financial position to do that.

As the founder of the 60,000+ member Digital Health group on LinkedIn I’ve influenced the world to use the term ‘digital health’. I was the first to include genomics within the definition and I’m the author of “The Fourth Wave: Digital Health.” Building upon the work of famed futurist and bestselling author Alvin Toffler’s “The Third Wave” (published in 1980), “The Fourth Wave” describes how the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society is creating a new era of human progress. In it, I provide readers from all backgrounds — consumers, business, media, marketing, sales, healthcare, pharma, sports, fitness, nutrition, research, science, policy, regulation, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) — with an understanding of the megatrends taking place, the challenges, opportunities, timeline, and the key actionable insights required to play an active role in this new era of human society.

My presentation is based upon my book and will both establish the main theme for your conference or corporate event and educate, entertain, and inspire attendees. As I do in the introduction to my book, I also share my personal journey leading up to my discovery of The Fourth Wave and outline the key elements, concepts, and innovations creating this new era of human progress all in accessible language amplified by visual impact.

For an additional fee, I also provide event promotions in my newsletter, weekly Digital Health group announcements, on my website, and on twitter. An overview of my promotion services is available upon request.

Please contact me for additional information on my speaking fee and other requirements.