The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier — Nov 10, 2014

I sent this announcement to 30,524 Digital Health LinkedIn group members.

The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier — Nov 10, 2014

Dear Group,

Congratulations to Nixie — the startup with a wearable personal drone and camera that launches off your wrist — on winning first place and a prize of $500,000 in Intel’s “Make It Wearable” contest!

Jawbone is kicking things up a notch with their UP3, which is pretty snazzy. For more on that — and nearly 20 other salient news items relevant to digital health this week — visit my website link above and scroll down to the ‘WEARABLE TECH’ section.

I enjoyed this piece by Paul Mackie, communications director at Mobility Lab, in which he presents a refreshingly enlightened perspective on the subject of wearable tech while highlighting that it’s significance is not just about medicine, but also our daily living and society, which of course impacts our health: “How Wearable Tech Will Transform Walkability of Our Cities

San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation has opened a really cool new exhibit called ‘Body Metrics: Exploring the Digital You‘. The interactive experience turns people into walking data streams. Visitors wear special ‘iPods’ that record biometric and activity data that, at the end of their visit, they take to a ‘Data Pool’, a 12-foot, glossy-topped, interactive touch table, and can then see a pop-up avatar, pie chart, and video time lapse of their museum experiences and their physical and mental reactions.

Also there’s some amazing virtual brain visualization being done by the Gazzaley Lab at UCSF. They use wearable tech (e.g. Oculus Rift) and some serious computing power (e.g. Nvidia) to derive not just a visual tour of the brain, but also an incredible number of applications and uses ranging from entertainment, gaming, health, well-being, to medicine (therapeutics, diagnostics). The video demo from the recent “WSJD Live Conference” illustrates just how fascinating this is.

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Digital Therapeutics: A New Category of Medicine Being Pioneered by Omada Health
Author: Susan E. Williams

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App Developers Seek More Clarity in HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules
Author: Shiva Gopal Reddy

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VIDEO: “The Day Before Tomorrow – Health” – The Drum, a marketing news website based out of the UK, did an excellent job with this video segment
The Internet of Things and a Warm Pair of Socks
How Wearable Tech Will Transform Walkability of Our Cities

Chiaro Reboots The Pelvic Floor Exerciser As A Sleek Connected Wearable Called Elvie
Dame Products Launches Eva: The First 3D Printed (Prototyped) Hands-Free Personal Toy

How Wearable Tech Will Transform Walkability of Our Cities
Nike’s Digital Guru Hints at the Post-FuelBand Future
The Siren Ring is Designed to Prevent Assault
HP and Gilt Groupe unveil fashion-focused smartwatch
Apple Watch now leaked to land in Spring 2015
AT&T releases seven devices at once: Android, Windows, Wearables
How Wearables Are Being Used For Social Good
Myths And Misconceptions Of Our Wearable Future
At LSU, high-tech mouthpieces are on guard against football injuries
Jawbone set to release sleek, sensor-laden UP fitness tracker
Jawbone Gets Cheap With Up Move, Goes Premium With Up3
Fabrics May Soon Yield More Health Data Than Devices
Onyx: the Star Trek communicator made real
Timex’s connected fitness watch hits AT&T preorders this Friday
Can This New Tracker Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Jaybird enters into wearables with the Reign activity tracker
PUSH Strength Tracker Now Available to Gym Goers Everywhere
NIH-funded device monitors eating, could aid in obesity research

The Biohackers Will See You Now

Robotic Micro-Scallops Can Swim Through Your Eyeballs

How Wikipedia Data Is Revolutionising Flu Forecasting
Facebook Joins the Fight Against Ebola

Ex-Google Executive Launches Digital Health Start-Up To Fight Chronic Disease
The Newest Health Tracker is a Mirror

Twitter Launches New Tool That Lets Women Report Harassment

Reality Check for Google’s Nanoparticle Health Tests – Google will face big challenges developing a nanotechnology-based test for cancer and other diseases
Google Wants to Store Your Genome For $25 a year

GreatCall, AliveCor make heart monitoring mobile

Rothberg Returns With Star Trek-Like Medical Device To Create Images And Cut With Sound Waves

VA rolls out telehealth scheduling system
CMS boosts telehealth in 2015 physician pay schedule

Iodine’s Medical Translator for Chrome Turns Medical Jargon Into Plain English

This Man Uses Twitter To Augment His Damaged Memory

Do We Need Genomic Research for the Prevention of Common Diseases with Environmental Causes?
20 Years After BRCA: What We’ve Learned About Genetics and Breast Cancer
CDC’s Public Health Genomics Info Page for Breast Cancer
Anarchic Autism Genetics Gain a Touch of Clarity
There Is No ‘Healthy’ Microbiome
Google Wants to Store Your Genome For $25 a year
Similar article on Google, but with a great general overview promo video by Google, that’s educational: “Ambitious Google drive to put human genome online gathers steam

Electronic Health Records: The New Lightning Rod in Health Care
No interoperability? Goodbye big data – Effective analytics depends on interconnectivity of clinical systems, says Cleveland Clinic CIO
Why Obama’s $30B Digital Health Record Plan Is Failing
Simplicity is Key for HIE and EHR Interoperability
Epic replies to comments made by Cerner CEO

A physician-programmer experiments with AI and machine learning in the ER

The Most Active Strategic Investors in Digital Health/Health IT Since 2010
Investor seeks to launch $4.5M fund for Portland startups

Nudjed Online health advice start-up secures first investment from the Wales Technology Seed Fund
Gauss Surgical raises $1.5M for iPad app that measures blood loss during surgery
Limeade raises $25M, plans to double staff in 2015
Butterfly Network Raises $100 Million to Bring Deep Learning to Medical Imaging
Strava Cycling-Centric Fitness App Raises $18.5 Million in Venture Capital Funding

Aetna acquires bswift, health insurance exchange platform company, for $400M

We Didn’t Know We Needed These Gadgets Until Now. Too Bad You Can Only Get Them In Asia

China news compliments of Beltrán Figueroa in Shanghai…

By-Health to invest USD 16.3 million in Shenzhen Belter for mhealth, Big Data and health & nutrition platforms (Mandarin)

The Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) set to improve physician-patient relationship with online information platform (Mandarin)

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