The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier — Jan 9, 2015

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The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier — Jan 9, 2015

Dear Group,

For a running tally of noteworthy CES digital health and wearable tech news, please see the ‘THE DIGITAL HEALTH UPDATE’ section below.

I was quoted — along with other wearable tech influencers Tom Emrich and John Nosta — in a recent Globe and Mail article written by Jared Renzon: “The rise and fall of wearable fitness trackers

There was an earthquake in Los Angeles this week and BuzzFeed News reporter Jim Dalrymple didn’t feel it until after he saw a tweet about it. One can imagine extending this digital alert/alarm to a wearable tech device, smartphone with an app, and/or smarthome system that monitors Twitter and can let people know when there’s a potential natural disaster or other emergency situation. Jim also shared this related Wired article on the subject: Tweet Waves vs. Seismic Waves

With the above as one example of wearable tech as a potentially indispensable (or perceived to be) tool, who still thinks adoption of wearable tech adoption of varying types will be slow vs possibly as ubiquitous as smartphones? And as wearables become more fashionable and are self-charging, like the latest iteration of the Shine launched at CES by Misfit & Swarovski, you can see that there may just be something for everyone, hence the Cambrian explosion of wearables. Women at a Swiss university surveyed by Swarovski in 2014 were asked about activity trackers and whether they wear them as readily as they did watches. Only 27% said they were interested in buying one, but the number jumped to 50% if they could get trackers that looked stylish. Here’s another fascinating and fashionable example from CES: A belt that automatically tightens when you’ve eaten too much. The signs, tools, and opportunities are everywhere for health to become stealth and valuable (double meaning) data to be compiled about our bodies and activities. On a related note, I’d like to thank Withings for providing me with one of their new Activité smartwatches!

As for as the size of the wearables market, Morgan Stanley predicts that there will be 70 million wearable shipments worldwide in 2015, growing to 248 million in 2017 plus estimates that wearables address $1.6 trillion in consumer and business spending, from fashion and fitness to healthcare and insurance.

In terms of digital health investing, it should come as no surprise to readers of my announcements that 2014 was another banner year, with private equity / venture capitalists and corporations injecting more than $4 billion into the market. According to Rock Health, this is more than the amount invested in the past three years combined and represents a growth of 124 percent over last year’s investment total.

Are you seeking a brand ambassador and/or evangelist for your company’s digital health solutions or ecosystem services? If so, I’m looking to join a company or organization doing great things in digital health. Please contact me if you see a potential fit AND you have funding/budget to pay a salary.

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When Minutes Matter: Using Digital Surveillance to Predict and Contain Disease Outbreaks by Jenn Lonzer, MA
Creating New Habits with Digital Health by Josh Trent

If you’re planning your event attendance and participation for 2015, here’s the Global, crowdsourced Digital Health event list I’ve maintained for several years now. Note that Nuviun’s Digital Health Live 2015 is a featured event and takes place May 5-7 at the Dubai World Trade Centre

———————————— THE DIGITAL HEALTH UPDATE ————————————

“The Patient Will See You Now” author Eric Topol appeared on CBS This Morning and demo’d AliveCor, Scanadu, and TuSense devices

Nvidia eyes connected cars, not phones, with Tegra X1 mobile superchip
Android Auto, Apple CarPlay And Infotainment Systems
The next groundbreaking mobile device: your car
Ford and Automatic sync up to improve car connectivity

Solutions by Masimo and OAthlete improve athletic performance without drugs
Volvo Smart Bike Helmet Warns Cars When You’re Coming
WearableTech that could save a cyclist’s life: The Visijax LED jacket
Connected Cycle’s Smart Pedal Prevents Theft, Provides Analytics

A 200-year life is a fate worse than death
8 Apps Boomers Need Right Now

Under Armour partners with HTC, launches fitness data aggregator app
7 admirable start-ups that are driving social change
10 Trackers And Apps That Can Make Your Life So Much Better
When Medical Apps Do More Harm Than Good
Blue Spark debuts wearable baby thermometer and app
Self-Tracking Gadgets That Play Doctor Abound At CES
CES 2015: Under Armour’s fitness app gets supermodel seal of approval
Apira Science’s iGrow: lasers in the service of ending baldness
Can a Smartphone Tell if You’re Depressed?
Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill Is Like Digital Sock-Skating

When Minutes Matter: Using Digital Surveillance to Predict and Contain Disease Outbreaks

New Policy Statement Issued On E-Cigarettes By Cancer Organizations

Brainstormers: Obama’s big research push kicks off with a meeting of the minds

Intel’s Curie Module lets anyone build wearables the size of a button
Samsung says it controls 60% of the smartwatch market
Hexoskin unveils new biometric shirts to watch how well kids exercise
Parrot Zik Sport headset hands-on: made for sensing
2015 is the year of the Apple Watch
Watch as dozens of companies unveil “revolutionary” wearable devices ahead of the Apple Watch
2015: The Year of Healthcare for wearables
Turn any watch into a smartwatch with the Kairos T-band
Big Mother Is Watching You
The case for the Apple Watch
Blue Spark debuts wearable baby thermometer and app
Belt Will Loosen Itself If You Eat Too Much
The GoBe wearable makes big claims, including automatic calorie tracking
Sony Smartwatch 3 Steel Edition hands-on
An exclusive look at Bragi’s ambitious headphones, the Pebble of personal audio
Google Glass accessory will give you thermal vision
Garmin’s Fashionable Fitness Tracker
Fitbit commercially launches heart rate-sensing Surge and Charge HR
Volvo Smart Bike Helmet Warns Cars When You’re Coming
WearableTech that could save a cyclist’s life: The Visijax LED jacket
Your next smart shirt will make you look like an extra from ‘Tron’
InBody’s new health band is all about measuring your body composition

Surprise! With $60 Million Genentech Deal, 23andMe Has A Business Plan
Genome Sequencing in Babies to Begin as Part of Study
Genetic Testing and FDA Regulation: Overregulation Threatens the Emergence of Genomic Medicine
Controversial DNA startup wants to let customers create creatures

How one doctor is prescribing data to improve healthcare
Why doctors are excited about mobile blood pressure monitoring
‘The Patient Will See You Now’ Envisions a New Era of Digitally Perfected Care
Hospital Signs $100 Million Deal With Health Catalyst To Improve Patient Outcomes
Possible $11 Billion Contract At Stake for the Pentagon’s Digital Health Records

Predictions For 2015: There Will Be Blood
4 things to expect from Google in 2015
Reading and Rewriting DNA: The Year in Biomedicine
4 Tech Trends That Will Define 2015, Selected By Frog Design
SynBioBeta: A Year in Review – 2014

———————————— NEW VENTURES — BUSINESS — INVESTING ————————————

Data analytics firm Inovalon files first digital health IPO of 2015

Adaptive Buys Sequenta to Disrupt Cancer Diagnosis, Drug Discovery

2014 digital health investment exceeded total of three previous years combined
Look out, Google — Intel buys chunk of smart glasses maker Vuzix

GlySens Secures $12M Series C Investment – Continuous Glucose Monitoring
PocketDerm – Teledermatology company that uses selfies to aid diagnosis raises $2.85M

———————————— GLOBAL ————————————

Hony, Goldman Lead $610M Investment In Neusoft Corp

Intel pins hopes on India for wearable technology

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