The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier ⋅ Feb 5, 2017 ⋅ #259

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The Digital Health Update by Paul Sonnier ⋅ Feb 5, 2017 ⋅ #259

Dear Group,

I was in New York City this past Wednesday, where I delivered my keynote presentation (highlighting how digital health is fundamentally reshaping society) to 400+ executives and sales professionals gathered for Medidata Solutions‘ annual Commercial Kickoff Meeting (CKO). For those unfamiliar with Medidata, they are the industry-leading provider of digital solutions that transform clinical trials for sponsors, sites, and patients. This is the second time I’ve spoken at a Medidata event, with the last time being their NEXT Summit in Florida this past November. If you are interested in having me speak at your corporate event or conference, please contact me for more information on my speaking fee and other requirements. Serious inquiries only, please.

A preliminary study of NASA astronauts—and twin brothers—Scott Kelly and Mark Kelly has found that their bodies experienced fascinating gene-expression and microbiome shifts as a result of nearly a year in space. Most interesting—and counterintuitively—it was discovered that the length of the telomeres on the ends of Scott’s chromosomes actually lengthened for a period of time. This is typically associated with longer life, but can also be an indication of illness. More study is obviously required before any conclusions can be made.

A dog breeder/biohacker’s plan to use CRISPR gene editing to eliminate hyperuricemia, an inherited disease in Dalmatians, has ended up in the doghouse. The FDA issued new regulations on Jan 18 that require federal approval before anyone can alter an animal’s DNA via gene editing.

Heart rate variability testing can be of value in guiding you to improve your health and sports performance, according to Scott Laidler, a personal trainer in London. Scott points out that management in fitness is key and he’s seen many people crash and burn because they “train to oblivion, suffer with fatigue, and ultimately get sick and have to take time off. I’ve done it a few times myself. It’s poor management: you put work in, but get poor health back.” Heart rate variability tracking, he says, is an excellent tool for gauging workout intensity, how well you are handling stress, and is probably the closest thing we have to a broad indication of overall health.

The British Heart Foundation is warning that more than 100,000 may be unaware that they have a faulty heart gene putting them at risk of developing coronary heart disease or sudden death.  About a dozen people under the age of 35 die each week in the UK from sudden cardiac death. For those at risk, genetic testing can be of value to determine the best course of monitoring and lifestyle modification. In a famous case, after nearly dying when his heart unexpectedly sped up to 265 beats per minute, 26-year-old cricket player James Taylor was forced to retire from the sport.

Jerry Matczak, social media guru at Eli Lilly, has passed away at the age of 54. As Neil Versel, Health IT Reporter at MedCityNews states, this is a big loss in the world of healthcare social media and patient engagement. Neil adds that Jerry was a rare breed in the pharmaceutical world, someone who not only embraced social media, but also listened to activist patients. You can share your thoughts in the group discussion here, which also links to Neil’s piece.

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