Thank you for your interest in speaking with me, retaining my services, and/or request for my time and feedback. Please note that I receive a lot of requests to chat (sometimes several per day), and while I enjoy connecting with people, my work is very demanding and I must focus on earning a living. In this regard, I provide a suite of services — from keynote speaking to strategic consulting and entity plus event promotions — all of which you can learn more about on my Services Offered page.

A little about me: As a social entrepreneur, my mission is to make the world a better place via evangelizing and educating all stakeholders as to what digital health is, what’s happening around the globe, and what it means for all of us, thereby catalyzing and accelerating the benefits. The mission of a social entrepreneur is not to make money first, but it does’t mean that this isn’t a necessity. My time is very valuable to me — as I’m sure yours is to you — and if you wish to speak with me or have other requests for my time I’m happy to engage you as part of my one-hour strategy session offering or other services. Payment for this is due in advance via PayPal and must me done prior to scheduling any calls or meetings.

If you think you can bring me value outside of my services, great. But before you share your pitch, please read Brad Feld’s recent post “Saying No 100 Times A Day“, in which he outlines his filtering strategy for dealing with the hundreds of unsolicited emails he receives each day and balances the amount of reactive versus proactive work he needs – or wants – to do.

On the same note, I highly recommend you read this post by Gary Vaynerchuk: “What Every 19-Year Old Gets Wrong“, in which he highlights the importance of — as it pertains to me — first getting to know me and understanding what can actually bring me value.

I already have an efficient an effective news-gathering process and am focused on my proactive work, hence do not have the bandwidth to do networking, promote your brand, review and/or provide feedback on your writing (or anyone else’s), work, product, and/or service without compensation for the value that I provide.

Making a living from my social entrepreneurship is challenging. People, companies, and organizations pay me to share my knowledge and expertise and to reach my global audience with their brand and message. And since I have a very large network and reach already — as previously stated, my platform and influence is a major part of how I make my living and is the reason you discovered me — I’m typically not interested in any bartering or co-promotion arrangements. Moreover, I am self-sufficient and not seeking to retain any of your services. Also, most important of all, please do not add me to your personal or company email list or newsletter.

Now that you know a little bit more about me and what can bring me value, if you’d still like to speak with me please review my Services Offered page. You can also request additional information on options and pricing for any of my services that you are interested in. I’ll provide this only if I judge your inquiry to be credible and serious.

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

Author ⋅ Keynote Speaker ⋅ Technologist ⋅ Social Entrepreneur
Book: “The Fourth Wave: Digital Health
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San Diego, CA, USA