Wireless Health and mHealth: A Burgeoning Revolution

The following brief overview article that I wrote was published in the San Diego Daily Transcript on Oct 25, 2010 and covered by Neil Versel in an article he wrote for FierceMobileHealthcare: Influence of m-health Comparable to Cars and Transportation. Wireless Health and mHealth: A Burgeoning Revolution   Just as the automobile transformed modern society by providing personalized […]

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Welcome to the Wireless and Mobile Health Tribe!

I’ve often wondered why the Wireless Health group on LinkedIn has grown so rapidly, to such an extent (over 3,300 members as of August 2010), and elicited such incredibly positive and supportive reactions from group members, who represent the key stakeholder groups within the wireless and mobile health ecosystem. It’s clear to me now that […]

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Value Creation: Wireless Health Companies at the Fore

During the annual Wireless-Life Science Alliance’s (WLSA) Investor’s Meeting held in La Jolla, California last week, I had the good fortune to hear a keynote presentation by Terrance Gregg, CEO at San Diego-based DexCom, which produces wearable continuous glucose monitoring devices. Mr Gregg alluded to challenges the company has faced over the course of its […]

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Hype Cycle for Wireless Health

While there are a number of caveats to the bullish market forecasts for wireless health (most notably the dearth of payer reimbursement), the majority of reports seem to indicate that we’re finally at the long-awaited inflection point for the industry. Since this is a very heady time, I got to wondering how much confidence we […]

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The Killer App for Wireless Health?

I’ve spoken to a couple of people recently who share the opinion that wireless health is in need of a killer app, which would accelerate adoption of wireless health products in the marketplace. First, what is a killer app? As Wikipedia describes it, the genesis for the term “killer app” was a reference to any […]

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What is Wireless Health?

As the West Wireless Health Institute* puts it: While many advances have been made over the last few years, the field of wireless health is in its infancy. Its lexicon includes telemedicine, telehealth, e-health, mHealth, and mobile health. Its players range from small start-up ventures, to Fortune 500 companies, to global health organizations, to leading […]

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