About Paul Sonnier

As an innovation strategist, management consultant, author, speaker, technologist, and social entrepreneur, I've spent more than a decade educating global stakeholders on digital health and its escalating impact on health, healthcare, living, and society.

In my book The Fourth Wave: Digital Health, I detail how digital health—the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society—is creating a new era of human progress. The Fourth Wave provides readers from all backgrounds—consumers, business, media, healthcare, pharma, sports, fitness, nutrition, wellness, research, science, policy, regulation, and non-governmental organizations—with an understanding of the megatrends taking place, the challenges, opportunities, timeline, and key actionable insights required to succeed in this new era.

Keynote Speaking

I enjoy speaking to audiences of all types and am available to present my keynote address at global conferences and corporate events. My presentation provides a unique lens through which all audiences will better see, understand, and succeed in the Fourth Wave of human progress being created by digital health.


I help companies and organizations better understand, navigate, and succeed in the fast-changing world of digital health.

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