About Paul Sonnier

Mission Statement

As a management consultant, author, speaker, technologist, and social entrepreneur, I've spent over 10 years educating global stakeholders on digital health and its escalating impact on health, healthcare, living, and society. My goal is to ameliorate the downsides and catalyze the benefits of digital health for all stakeholders.

In my book ‘The Fourth Wave: Digital Health’, I detail how digital health—the convergence of the digital and genomic revolutions with health, healthcare, living, and society—is creating a new era of human progress. The Fourth Wave provides readers from all backgrounds—consumers, business, media, healthcare, pharma, sports, fitness, nutrition, wellness, research, science, policy, regulation, and non-governmental organizations—with an understanding of the megatrends taking place, the challenges, opportunities, timeline, and key actionable insights required to succeed in this new era.

Corporate & Public Speaking

I enjoy speaking to audiences of all types and am available to present my keynote address at global conferences and corporate events. My presentation provides a unique lens through which all audiences will better see, understand, and succeed in the Fourth Wave of human progress being created by digital health.

Strategy Consulting

I help companies and organizations better understand and navigate the ever-changing world of digital health.