Consulting & Promotion Services

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I provide the following strategic advising and promotion services:

– Strategy and innovation consulting
– Event participation/speaking and sponsorship strategy and event conference organizer introductions
– New product development and launch plus partnering strategy
– One-hour strategy & coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or in-person
– Business and partner development
– Digital media strategy and execution
– Business, organization, entity, event, and conference promotion

For a fee I’m happy to review and discuss your product/solution, business strategy, model, and plan, market landscape, and provide feedback plus make salient recommendations. In addition, I can do a pre-call review of your materials and — at my discretion — provide relevant introductions.

If you are interested in promotional services, please contact me for a media kit highlighting my global network size, reach, demographics, and influence in various channels. Note that unofficial/spurious requests for information will be declined.

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

Principal, Digital Health Group Consulting
Founder, Digital Health group on LinkedIn
Strategic Advisor, nuviun
Creator, Story of Digital Health
Twitter @Paul_Sonnier