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I provide the following keynote speaking, strategic advisory, and entity plus event promotion services:


  • Strategy and innovation consulting
  • Commercialization, R&D, new product development and launch strategy
  • Market analysis and go-to-market strategy
  • Ecosystem technology innovation scouting and surveillance, customized reporting
  • One-hour strategy & coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or in-person (Pricing starts at $650, payable in advance. Reviewing your company info in advance and signing an NDA require additional fees.)
  • Business and partner development and strategy
  • Digital and social media strategy, coaching, and execution
  • Business, organization, entity, event, and conference promotion
  • Keynote and corporate speaking

My keynote address will establish the main theme for your conference or corporate event, inspire and educate attendees, and provide all stakeholders with critical and actionable insights into the digital health revolution. Please contact me for additional information on my speaking fee and other requirements.

This is video of the keynote address I gave at Korea Health Industry Development Institute and ChosunBiz’s ‘Healthcare Innovation Forum 2015‘, in Seoul, Korea on Nov 5, 2015


  • Shopping startups for investing purposes with my angel or VC investor contacts, i.e. making introductions without an equity stake (Note: here are global funding resources for digital health startups)
  • Executive recruiter-type services, e.g. finding candidates, passing along, or sharing job requisitions (Note: you can post jobs in the Jobs section of the Digital Health Linkedin group, but please do not submit jobs to the main discussion forum – I pre-screen all group submissions and will delete any nonconforming posts)
  • Any commission or contingency arrangements: I will not share or promote your business products or services, assist with business development, or perform any other services in this type of arrangement
  • Bartering, co-promotion, or similar partnering arrangements

For a fee I’m happy to review and discuss your product/solution, business strategy, model, and plan, competitive ecosystem & market landscape, and provide feedback plus make salient recommendations. In addition, I’m happy to review your materials in advance. Following the call/meeting — and at my discretion — I can provide relevant introductions. Expiration is 7 days following our call/meeting. Payment is due in advance (PayPal is preferred) prior to scheduling any meetings or conversations.

If you’re interested in my services, please contact me for more information and pricing. At my discretion, I will provide you with a media kit highlighting my global network size, reach, demographics, and influence in various channels.

When contacting me please provide your full name, your role, a description of your company’s products/services, precisely where you think I may help, and what type of engagement you have in mind.

Note that unofficial/spurious requests for information will be declined. Payment for strategy sessions is due in advance to scheduling a day and time to speak. I am overwhelmed with requests to ‘just chat’ or ‘have a quick phone call’, or ‘networking’, which unfortunately rarely result in an engagement and keep me from my social entrepreneurship efforts and professional, income-generating work. As such, if you are serious about obtaining my assistance with your venture or organization, the first interaction will fall under my one-hour strategic advising session criteria and fee structure.

Best regards,
Paul Sonnier

Digital Health Strategist—Keynote Speaker—Social Entrepreneur
Founder, Digital Health group on LinkedIn—40,000+ members
Creator, Story of Digital Health
Twitter @Paul_Sonnier—30,000+ followers